Raytheon AIM-9 Sidewinder Fin Missile Tags

Raytheon AIM-9 Sidewinder Fin Missile Tags

A very limited run of 30 Aim-9 Sidewinder missile rear fin tags.


Each Missile tag is approximately 60 by 40mm, each tag is unique and hand made. 

There are 6 bi colour and 24 solid colour tags up for grabs. All the tags have been pre made and ready to be sent out. Rear finnish of the solid colour tags is honeycomb.

The Bicolour tags have aluminium honeycomb inside and are double sided.


The Aim-9 Sidewinder is the most widely used air-to-air missile in the west with more than 110,000 being constructed in 28 nations. 

Its length is just over 3 meters and has a maximum speed exceeding Mach 2.5+


A great tag to own, we especially liked deconstructing the Missile Fin.


Standard imperfections from tear down and cutting.