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British Airways Concorde Rolls-Royce Olympus 593 jet engine vane has now become a unique mounted piece.


This titanium stage 5 low pressure (LP) vane base has been hand cut, cleaned and mirror polished. The Aerofoil has been cut with a section protruding. Mounted on a 3d printed carbon fiber mount which is embosed with the 'Concorde' logo. Custom holographic effects are present on the underside of the mount which change reflective colours when tilted. 


Comes complete with a laminated copy of the 2004 auction certificate and Rolls-Royce Overhaul Illistrated manual page, part number B930462 which is also visibly warn on the back of the product.


This is a flown piece with supersonic flight hours. The ultimate piece of collectable aviation history! 


Dimensions (guide)

Length- 128mm / 5.04"

Width - 54mm / 2.13"

Height - 73mm / 2.87"


"Creative Commons 'Concorde, Heathrow 1987'" by 'Phillip Capper' is licensed under 'CC BY 2.0 DEED' to 1200x630px 300dpi, transformed - Credit given.

British Airways Concorde Rolls-Royce 593 Olympus Vane Display

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