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Presenting this run of 100 tags from the Port Main Engine intake of a Panavia Tornado GR.4

Made from aluminium, coated in either Grey or Black paint. These tags have structural elements and/or composite markings on the rear from where the honeycomb was removed. Laser engravings show the aluminium beneath.

The image shows the port main engine intake in a similar orientation if it was mounted to the GR.4's airframe. Several skin sections have been removed for tag manufacture.

This engraving is the actual image of the Engine intake we are using to manufacture these tags.

Every tag is CNC machine cut and finished by hand to a high standard, measuring 72mm by 44mm (+-1mm machine accuracy).

Honeycomb / structural elements vary on every tags back. No two are the same.
They are presented on a backing card and protected in a plastic sleeve.

Panavia Tornado GR.4 - Port Main Engine Intake Tags

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