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Presenting this rare run of just 10 tags from the English Electric Canberra B2.

Manufactured from aluminium, coated in Grey Paint. These tags have structural elements on the rear.  Laser engravings show the aluminum beneath.
The images show the two access panels we have used to produce these 10 tags. 


The English Electric Canberra is a classic military aircraft that was first produced in the 1950s. This twin-jet bomber is known for its sleek, streamlined design and impressive speed capabilities. It was widely used by the Royal Air Force and other military forces around the world. Collectors will appreciate the detailed craftsmanship and historical significance of this iconic aircraft.


Every tag is CNC machine cut and finished by hand to a high standard, measuring 72mm by 44mm (+-1mm machine accuracy).

Structural elements vary on each tag's back. No two are the same.
They are presented on a backing card and protected in a plastic sleeve.

One tag is sent per purchase.


Vector image attribution

"Creative Commons English Electric Canberra'" by Kaboldy is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

English Electric Canberra B2 - Outboard Access Panel Tags

SKU : 555
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