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Edition 3 run of just 10 tags from our acquisition of Royal Air Force XV104 Vickers VC10 C.1K skin.


Made from aluminium coated in grey paint, each tag has its unique combination of structual elements on the rear. Laser engravings shows the aluminium beneath.

The Vickers VC10 C.1K is an iconic jet airliner from the 1960s that was developed for the British Royal Air Force. It was the world's first long-range four-engined jetliner and its unique design gave it superior speed, range and reliability. It was the only aircraft of its kind to be used by the RAF. With its sleek and powerful design, the VC10 C.1K is a must-have for any aircraft collector. Its legendary status is well-deserved and it is sure to be a conversation starter in any collection.


Images show the front & rear of the skin panel that these tags were cut from. Every tag is CNC machine cut and finished by hand to a high standard, measuring approximately  72mm by 44mm. Edges have been deburred and polished.


Tag #007 has ghosting artifacts from the laser etching process and is reduced in price due to this.


They are presented on a backing card and protected in a plastic sleeve.

XV104 Vickers VC10 C.1K - Royal Air Force - Tags - Edition 3

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