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Presenting this extremely limited of just 9 tags from Royal Air Force English Electric Lightning F3 XP708.


These are made from aluminium which is coated in silver and yellow paint. The tags are from a exterior starboard panel which had 3 quick release fasteners. The first flight of XP708 was by Wing commander 'Roland Beamont' in 1963 and served initially with 23 Squadron. Later in its flying courier with 29 squadron until its withdrawal from service in 1976. She was Scrapped in 1999. 



The English Electric Lightning F3 XP708 is a legendary fighter jet that was in service with the Royal Air Force during the Cold War era. This particular aircraft is a stunning display of British aviation engineering, with its distinctive twin-engine design and sleek, futuristic appearance. With its top speed of over 1,500 mph, the Lightning F3 was one of the fastest jets of its time, earning it the nickname "The Ferrari of the Skies.


Some of the tags have areas obscuring the numbering and details. Tag #002 is a good example of this and the details are laser etched to the rear. 

Every tag is cnc cut in-house and finished to a high standard, measuring approximately 74mm by 45mm.

A Highly collectable piece of aviation history. 

Comes on a backing card and protected in a sleeve.

English Electric Lightning F3 XP708- Aviation Skin Tags

SKU: 670
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